Our Story

  • Jeni and Oscar Castro


    We were laying in bed and I blurted out, "I want to open a coffee shop." My husband knows that I always execute my crazy ideas, so after a long, confused stare, he says, "But... we have no coffee shop experience." I giggled and said that drinking it 3 times a day was at least a good start! We are Jeni and Oscar Castro, a husband and wife team that decided to take our coffee addictions to the next level. Enter Coffee Dose.

    What started as a dream has grown into our reality, creative outlet, family business, and passion. We started out in the corner of a hair salon, and expanded to now having five locations in Orange County with a catering business on the side. We have a location inside of Rodeo39 Public Market, a Flagship store in Costa Mesa, a drive thru in Costa Mesa called MicroDose, a cafe in Laguna Hills, and a mini Dose inside of a pink shipping container that we like to call 'Dose In The Box'.

    We pride ourselves on creating a space that's friendly to both the coffee snob and the basic bitch. Whether you're looking for a classic cortado or a yummy drink with a funky flavor, our menu has something for everyone, made with the finest ingredients. We make all of our syrups in house, use our own roast called the Anti Bitch Blend, use the best plant-based milks, and have a menu of Rx Lattes (with ingredients like charcoal, collagen, etc.) that have a variety of health benefits. If coffee is something most people consume daily, we want to provide a menu with real ingredients instead of something full of excess sugar and carcinogens like most coffee chains.

    Our goal is to deliver high quality caffeination with a side of humor. We want to remind people not to take life so seriously, hence our cheeky branding and 'naughty' cups. Most third wave coffee shops feel cold and pretentious, so we wanted to serve the same quality of coffee with a better, more inviting atmosphere. Coffee Dose makes specialty coffee more approachable and a lot more fun... and a lot more 'french'. Making SoCal a happier place, one Anti Bitch Serum at a time.